Sunday, June 18, 2017

A Dad

You weren't there on the day I took my first breath.
But as a Dad, you've been there for the moments that have taken my breath away.

You didn't bring me home to my first house.
But as a Dad you have been a piece that defined "home" for me my whole life.

You weren't there for my first steps.
But as a Dad you have walked beside me every step of the way.

You weren't there for my first smile.
But as a Dad seeing you as you have loved and supported me as I've grown, makes me smile.

You didn't rock me to sleep at night.
But as a Dad you have been a steady rock throughout my life.

You weren't there to calm my fears as a toddler.
But as a Dad you have been my steady calm when I needed your quiet leadership.

You didn't have to be there for
soccer games
dance recitals
learning to ride a bike
encouraging me to stay at A&M
homecoming courts
camping trips
Percy Quinn
awards ceremonies
A&M parents' weekends
pledge presentation
football games
college help
But as a Dad, you have been.
There's a lot that you didn't have to do. 
But you chose to do it.
You chose to be a Dad.
Thank you will never be enough.
You provided a picture of my Heavenly Father.
Calm strength.
Choosing to love when you didn't have to.
Taking me as your own.
Unconditional love.
A single moment can make someone a father
A lifetime makes someone
A Dad.
I love you.