Tuesday, June 1, 2010


A day after Memorial Day. Time is gone to have reflected on all the members of our armed forces, the price that has been paid, and my undying gratitude for their service to our country. All branches, my complete respect. I do believe, after seeing posts on blogs, Facebook, emails, and cards, there needs to be a slight clarification. Don't take this personal. How could you know unless you were a Marine or married to one? You couldn't. In your eyes, they are one in the same...Air Force, Army, Navy, Coast Guard, Marines...but, alas, far from it. I am a little biased here, I'll be the first to admit it, but clarification must happen. They are all military, yes, but my husband is not a soldier, an airman, a sailor, nor a guardsman, he is a Marine, a United States Marine. Here are a few ways you can tell the difference (and being in dress uniform does not count here because if you have ever seen a Marine in dress uniform, you would never confuse him with any other branch...I'm just stating the obvious):

1) If you happen to see a military member in the airport in cammies, he is not a Marine.
2) If you see a military member ANYWHERE off base for that matter in cammies, he is not a Marine.
3) If the military member is riding a bike for a Physical Fitness Test, he is not a Marine.
4) If you see a military member home from Boot Camp on leave for Christmas "break," he is not a Marine.
5) If you see a military member in a hotel during TAD and not sleeping in a tent, he is not a Marine.
7) If they have the best gear and best jet parts, they are not Marines.
8) If they have matchy-matchy PT gear complete with winter and summer gear, they are not Marines.
9) If their flight equipment room has plush carpet and wooden flight lockers, they are not Marines.
10) If they come home from survival school weighing more than when they left, they are not Marines.

My list is somewhat short, but I am sure my Marine could add to it. He is not a soldier, not an airman, not a sailor, and not a guardsman. He is a Marine. And will always be a Marine. Hopefully, now you can tell the difference.


  1. Ooorah! I had to smile at this list. My husband is now "former" Marine after 7 years in the Corps.