Saturday, June 16, 2012

Fun Squeezer

I am not against having fun, truly I'm not.  I like to have fun as much as the rest of you.  I like organized fun.  Predictable fun.  Black and white fun.  Fun that is planned.  Fun that is logical. 

Not my man.  I married the fun squeezer.  He is fun even when there is not fun to be had.  He'll find it.  Because of my man, we are the family leaving Disney with four Mickey Mouse balloons, ice creams in the shape of ears, and pictures framed from Space Mountain.  We are the family leaving a ball game with cotton candy, ginormus number One foam fingers,  and faces painted.  He is the Dad with pockets-full of change for arcade games at the pizza place.  He is the Dad chasing down ice cream trucks.  He is the Dad running through sprinklers.  He is the Dad hiding behind doors to scare little girls.  He is the Dad wrestling with boys way after bedtime. Yes, we are that family.  I call him the Foam Finger Dad.  He has his foam finger in his back pocket and truly you never know when he'll pull it out.  When there is an ounce of fun to be had, he will squeeze out the very last drop of that ounce.  His fun is often times not logical, but it's fun.  His fun is definitely not predictable, but it's fun.  His fun is never organized, but it's fun.  His fun is fun driven.  It's not planned and often it's hard to do, but once it's's fun.  He's in the moment.  He is making memories.  He's wanting us to have fun.

He's made life fun.  For all of us.  He makes me smile when I am not the least bit excited.  He gets me on roller coasters I would never ride without him.  He makes me jump off of cliffs into bodies of water.  He makes me dive under waves that are way too big to be in.  He makes me get dirty when I just got clean.  He makes me a more daring Mom.  And when he's gone.  He's missed.  There is a noticable hole when he leaves.  In all of our years of separation, he has always left his foam finger at home for me to find.  He's made me a foam finger Mom in his absence because his fun squeezing is so missed and contagious.  He has made me a better Mom.  He has made me step out of my box. 

He's a great Dad.  He's all there when he's here.  And when he's not, he leaves us a part of him.  To enjoy life.  To squeeze the fun.  He's made me a closet fun squeezer.  He's unforgettable.  And I love him and the Dad he is. 

Happy Father's Day P.   



  1. Just found your blog! Such a sweet post. Thanks for sharing.

  2. This post reminds me so much of Grant! He's always finding fun even when I don't think there's fun to be had! Love it when you find time to write!