Tuesday, June 2, 2015

I Do.

I do.

At 22, I couldn't have known.

You know the saying, "If I knew then what I know now…"

So many questions 20 years ago.  So many unanswered questions.  So many doubts.  So many unknowns.  I would like to go back.  Talk to 22 year old Amy.  

Dear 22 year old Amy~
You are married now.  You wonder if this young man standing next to you will live up to all of the statements being asked of him on the altar.  How could you know if he will in sickness or in health?  For better or worse?  For richer or poorer? At 22, you don't know.

20 years later, I do.  
He will be the strongest man you will have ever known.  He will be your rock.  He will be the logical one.  He will make you feel safe.  He will be stronger after 20 years. 

At 22, your day was wonderful; everything you had hoped it would be~ but I know doubts that will have crept up in your mind.  How could you know June 3, 1995 if he will be a man you can respect for a lifetime?  Will he keep his vows to love you forever? Will he come home because he wants to?  How could you know if you would trust him with everything you have even during long months of separation?  How could you know if he would still make you laugh, still be the one you want to share your life with, still make you feel safe?  At 22, you don't know.

20 years later, I do.  

I know he is true to his word.  He will do what he says he will do, or do everything in his power to try. He will give his life to Christ at 28 and it will change everything.  He will provide a home, food, vacations, and be a great Dad.  He is who he says he is.  There is nothing he will hide from you and there is nothing he would not do for you.  You will admire how much he loves your children, how deeply he loves you, how much trust you will have in him, and how much he will love the Lord.  He is honorable and would never do anything to make you doubt his love, his word, or his commitment.  You will feel loved, safe.  
You couldn't know at 22.  But what you don't know at 22, I know at 42.  At 22, on your wedding day, you don't know.

But 20 years later, I do.
So, enjoy the ride~ the moves, the memories, the children…him.
42 year old Amy

Thankful that 20 years ago, I said "I Do" without knowing if you would.
Given the chance to do it again…
knowing what I know now….
I would.
I love this man.
I do.

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