Saturday, January 2, 2010 favorite number

If you ask anyone, usually 96 is not their first response to "what is your favorite number?" But ask a Marine Corps wife and 96 usually will be. You see, 96 means so much to me. It means 4 long, sweet days with my man, late mornings and big breakfasts, talks over coffee and on the computer, long walks with the 6 of us, boxes checked off the "Honey-do" list, renting movies, Outback take out, errands and lunch out, football throwing in the park and silly stories over dinner, a fire in the fireplace, jeans in the laundry and a lack of green t-shirts and black socks, it means he is home and not just "in the states," but home, physically in our home. Home, home. We are coming to the end of two back to back 96s. I love them and am trying to hang on to the remaining 48 hours of one. Just when I feel like I am on a treadmill going two speeds too fast, God sends me a 96 and my man. How cool is that?

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