Saturday, January 9, 2010

The One Thing

I just came home from a baby shower. All the usual applied, good food, silly games, and awesome sweets. But as I looked around it was not a "usual" crowd. We were all so different. We were in such different seasons of life, different tastes and ideas, different jobs, different hobbies and talents, different religions, different goals, different ways of doing things, different hometowns, different paths of life, different everything. What struck me though, was the one thing that linked us all. We all married a Marine. All differences aside, we all love dress blues, we all cover our hearts for the national athem, we all have lonely nights and happy homecomings...even those that aren't ours, we love the Marine Corps Hymn, we watch his sea bag come and go, we count down days and make paper chains, we Skype on birthdays, we become Dad when his absence forces it and joyfully step back to "just Mom" when he returns, "Today in Afghanistan..." can stop us dead in our tracks, we love the sound of a bark or an ooo-rah, green shirts overload our washer, and the smell of jet fuel graces our homes. All the "differents" in the world could never break this connection. I love being a Marine wife and so do they. It connects us. Makes us a "usual" group. It's our one thing. And it's enough.

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