Friday, April 2, 2010

Observation of the species

I sit here amazed at this species. They are rowdy and funny. They are loud and competitive. I watch them everything. "I can eat faster than you." "I can get there faster than you." "I bet I can take a bigger bite than you." 5 of them are in my living room. 3 are racing for their life in Mario Cart while 2 of them box, then they switch. They actually fight for the boxing gloves. The noise is often times loud and the sound of punches landing followed by "awwwwwww," make me stare. My husband walks through without so much of a glance, like he is walking down a familiar street. Me on the other hand, stare. I keep staring, like it's a car accident, I just can't make myself look away. They are so different. I stare because I can't fathom even wanting to punch someone...for fun. But as I look, I think of the men they will become. Strong, protective, hunters, gatherers, husbands, fathers, I love this species. I'm off to stare.

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  1. Just found your blog (via GraceAnna's) and so appreciate your upbeat attitude and perspective on this crazy but happy life as a Marine family... We're in Beaufort too (122). It's nice to be reminded again of all the great reasons we love this career, even when it means deployments and husbands that smell like jet fuel. :)
    Zoe Howard